Hospital Affiliation Primary Source Verification
    (Medical Staff and Allied & Complementary Health)

Parkview Health is pleased to provide this on-line primary source verification service to other hospitals, health organizations, and credentialing agents. The search results may be printed as a Hospital Affiliation verification letter.

Affiliated Practitioners may not appear if there may be additional information available beyond the standard response. For these requests, please fax inquiry accompanied by the practitioner’s signed release to the appropriate Medical Staff office as follows:

 FacilityFax Number
    Parkview Hospital 260/458-5732
    Parkview Huntington Hospital 260/355-3310
    Parkview Noble Hospital 260/347-8453
    Parkview Whitley Hospital
    Parkview LaGrange Hospital 260/463-9540
    Parkview Ortho Hospital 260/458-5733
    Parkview Ortho Center 260/458-5733
    Parkview Wabash Hospital 260-569-2160

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  (Includes Parkview Regional Medical Center, Parkview Randallia and Parkview Behavioral Health)

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